Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Fabric.... YIPEEEE!

I got some new fabric yesterday... I have been having so much fun making blog graphics and templates that I haven't crafted much lately at all. Between work and family and just life in general... there never seems to be enough time to actually complete something! (Although I do stitch a little everyday... no matter what!) I think I would actually have WITHDRAWALS if I didn't! LOL

Well, here is a pic of my fabric. It is Americana themed. I love the navy one with the stars.... it is perfect for a project I have in mind.

I am off to the flea market now... hopefully I'll find something good and can share a 'BEFORE & AFTER' pic. Here is a pic of an embossed star tin planter that I found last year for 50 cents! I stuffed it with some gingers and hearts that I bought off Ebay awhile back.

Hope everyone is having a wonderul weekend!


  1. WHOO HOO I KNOW I WANT TO SEE YOUR CRAFT'S Have a great time Flea Marketing. I undersand you live in the same town as a friend of mine does.Maria from AMB Primitives,I will not say the name of the town... but it's right next door to Salem New Hampshire.Small world huh... I'm in Somersworth N.H.As a matter of fact..we will be at Maria's Memorial day weekend.Would be fun if we could all meet up at some point. Have a great day.

  2. Have fun at the flea market..I hope you find some treasures to show the fabric...I love fabric and can't get enough..:)


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