Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally! Some 3 Column Templates!

Hi Guys! I finally made some 3 column templates!

These templates are also designed to be used with a 'MINIMA' template.

If you are using a 3 column, I assume you know how to change your margins. So, after you choose a 'Minima' template, simply change your margins and these templates will look great!

'Copy' the code beneath your chosen template and 'Paste' in the 'HTML' section under 'Add A Gadget'.

If you need further help, you can refer to an earlier post called 'DIRECTIONS FOR TEMPLATES' or you can email me at

Also, I will have my selling blog up and running soon. I will be offering my handmade goodies and also web designs, such as banners and customized blog headers, maybe even complete websets. I hope you will all check it out!
Have a great evening everyone!


Rustic Green Plaid

Hearts -N- Stripes

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