Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good News & Bad News...

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I purchased a Web Designer's License from Cheryl Seslar which will allow me to use her AWESOME graphics to make blog templates, banners, etc. (I am SO excited and can't wait to start!)

The bad news is, I have the CHICKEN POX and have been sick as a dog for 5 days. (Can you believe it?!)

I am finally starting to feel better and am headed back to work tomorrow but my Doctor said it's going to take about 2 weeks for them to go away! UGH!

Well, hope you check back, I should have some new blog templates up soon..... Hope everyone is having a good week so far...


  1. oh what a bummer tammy .get well soon.thanks for makin more templates.i think i wil go change mine again.lol take care blessings michelle

  2. Tammy I wish you a speedy recovery! I had the chicken pox when I was almost 15 and thought I was going to die!
    I'm new to your blog and so glad to have found your designs and really glad that you will be making more for us! So many great designers out there but I have to say that what you offer is my fav so far!
    Take care and don't scratch!!! :>)


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