Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Template Using Cheryl Seslar Graphics...

Here is the first template I made using
Cheryl Seslar Graphics!

You are welcome to use this on your blog if you like, but I have to ask that you (please) do not remove my logo showing where you got the template. It is linked back to my blog where it is stated that the template was made with
Cheryl Seslar Graphics.

That is part of her terms for using her graphics and I want to be sure that I comply.

Thank you.

This template was designed to work with a 'Minima' template.

Simply 'Copy' & 'Paste' the code under the 'HTML' section of 'Add A Gadget'

Raggedies & Gingers

Have a great night, everyone!


  1. Hi Tammy... love all your graphics !!! And thanks so much for your help with blog templates... Still ca'nt get the whole template ... but at least it looks a little bit better. Hugs!!!

  2. I love it! Cheryl's graphics are awesome! Great job!


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