Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Primitive Americana Wallpaper For Your Desktop...

Hello... Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Holiday Weekend. Here is a Primitive Americana Wallpaper I made for your desktop. Click on the wallpaper pic to get to the actual size of it. Then just right click and 'Save'.
Once it is saved to your computer, right click the image and choose 'Set As Desktop Background'. This wallpaper is the standard 800 X 600 size. I am trying to figure out the size for a widescreen... as soon as I do... I will put that one up too!

Also, I am working on some more primitive wallpapers for computer desktops. Hope you will check back again!

Please Note: This wallpaper is my own work.
Be sure to save first and then apply... if you try to apply the background directly from the picture...the size will not be correct.


  1. Hi Tammy Thanks for the beautiful graphics you share with us!!!!! Found your blog awhile back and have been following you.I also follow your selling blog looking forward to the goodies you'll be selling.I'm also in Methuen....So nice to find someone around my area who loves prims like I do....Wishing you a wonderful day Hugs Maria

  2. Hi Tammy!!!!! Thanks for visiting and the very nice comments on my home...Yes that would be wonderful having lunch.Just e-mail me when ever you want to chat or meet Hugs Maria

  3. I love your american wallpaper, not sure how to copy can you help me out.


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