Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bummer & A New Autumn Graphic...

I got a message from a fellow blogger that she applied one of my templates but that some of the widgets on her sidebar disappeared!

Sorry about that! I have temporarily disabled the posts and pages with the templates on them so I can try to fix this.

I did a little research and I guess that Blogger doesnt know what to do with the widgets unless they are in the original code... which I find a little confusing, since we 'ADD A GADGET'. If we are 'adding it' - it should stay there no matter what template we use.

Before, Blogger would ask if you wanted to 'KEEP YOUR WIDGETS' and it would do just that.

I did not get that question when testing my templates... but I thought it was because I was testing it on a blog that did not have any content.

I just hate some of the changes that Blogger has made!

Well, it's back to the drawing board (so to speak) LOL

Here is a new Autumn graphic I made today. 



  1. Yes, some of the changes are annoying. Now for an Image gadget, we are required to give it a Title. As far as the templates, I have found that using the Simple template and just adding the pretty background as an image in the New Interface works well. That is how I did my background on Homespun Hannah's Blog. Didn't lose any gadgets. Just had to experiment to see how wide to make the background and then adjust it in the New Interface.

  2. I LOVE your templates, and want to use them, but it didn't let me save my widgets, and also got rid of the comment section. I really don't care for Blogger's latest interface. Makes things too hard for me.


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