Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Free Primitive Blog Graphics...

Hello Everyone....

Well, I FINALLY got my pages up for the templates and graphics, so you won't have to search old posts to find them! It is very time consuming to put all of them on the pages so I chose a select few and any new things I have will still go on a 'New Post' and also on the pages as well. I will slowly be adding to all the pages.

Here are a few new ones I made this weekend. Feel free to grab them for your blog or websites - just right click & 'Save'.
Also, I will also be adding some Spring themed templates soon!

Happy Sunday!

*Please Note: These graphics are my own work.


  1. Bless your heart Tammy! Everything looks great, love the new page colors here and it will be awesome to have everything easier to get to.
    Hope you are having a wonderful first day of Spring!

  2. Thank you Tammy I love the visit my followers botton the best,but they are all cute.


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