Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm Going To Be In A Shop! Well, My Items, Not Me. LOL

Hi Everyone,

You might remember back in April, I mentioned that I was doing my very first craft show at a local church (I never did post the pics of that, now that I think about it) but... the woman who ran the craft fair contacted me a few weeks ago because she is opening a shop in Londonderry, NH and wants to display my items!

I am SUPER excited about this new adventure and hope it is a successful one! The Grand Opening is in 2 weeks and I have been sewing every free moment possible!

I have over 75 items to price & inventory but here are some of the items. (Click on pics for larger view) 



  1. Congratulations! I hope you sell it all! :) Love your items, you have been a busy bee.

  2. Yes, congrats to you Tammy. The items are so prim and nice :)


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