Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Color Should I Use For Binding?

I worked on another quilted table runner yesterday. I just fell in love with the colors of this fabric line... I chose a brown border to tone it down a bit... LOL

All that's left to do is the binding... what color do you think I should use? 

I am thinking orange or green but really, I can use almost any color but wanted to get some opinions.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for any feeback!

Quilt Top

 Back Quilt Top

 Quilted & Trimmed

 Back Quilted & Trimmed


  1. I would say yellow for the binding.It is a lovely quilted runner.Be blessed,Jen

  2. Your new table runner is lovely! I think green would look pretty for the binding. You are sure making some beautiful table runners. I still need to get me the presser foot to do the machine quilting, what is is called again. hugs, Lecia

    1. Thanks so much, girls! The presser foot is called a 'Free Motion Quilting Foot' - I was lucky - mine came with my machine but they cost around $30 (retail) but you can find one on Ebay for around $9.

  3. Beautiful quilt runner. I also think green binding would look great. So would yellow :)


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