Saturday, January 4, 2014

Need Opinions Please...

Good Morning, Everyone...

I popped onto my blog at work the other day and noticed that my graphics seemed MUCH darker than my computer at home (where I create my graphics)

So now I am wondering if it's just my computer at work... or if it's my computer at home.

Do my graphics appear dark to you?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Have a great weekend!


  1. To me they appear as nice as always. I know different computer monitors show colors differently so maybe that's the reason you see them darker at work?

  2. Your graphics look fine to me. It could be that your computer at work has the screen brightness set lower, making graphics appear darker. Some people set their laptop computers that way to help conserve the battery. In some workplaces, the lighting is very bright so the computers may be set to a lower level of brightness. 'Hope this helps you :)

  3. Graphics are fine. I have the same problem when printing - screen looks fine, printing too saturated.
    No need to change - just keep posting!

  4. All looks great to me! Thanks for all you do. *U*


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