Sunday, August 18, 2013

Updating My Blog...

So now that I finally have a new computer, I will begin updating my blog. 

What does that mean, exactly? A few things:

I've decided that re-writing the codes for all of my templates will be too time consuming... so I will be re-writing the codes for a few select templates, as well as removing any original posts that contained a template. 

I will not be posting the new codes for the existing templates... but they will be under the template pages (which are temporarily disabled as I work on them.)

I will still post when there is a new template that I have to offer.

I will also be removing some of my graphics, as I have many new ones to add! So if there are any that you like, grab them now because they might be gone soon.

I have gotten a few emails from people who have tried to apply my templates using the old directions. Thanks to Blogger no longer offering the Minima template, those directions will not work.

Please be patient with me as I make these changes and hopefully, my blog will be completely updated very soon.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. So glad that things are finally starting to work out for you in getting new templates made & old ones reworked. I've really missed using your templates : )

  2. Thank you for all your graphics and templates, I truly love them! I had been having trouble with them because of blogger so I'm excited about your new ones coming out. Thanks again~


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